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Scientists use poop to retrace famed invasion against RomeHis­to­ri­ans con­sid­er Han­ni­bal’s cam­paign one of the most bril­liant mil­i­tary feats of an­ti­qu­ity.
Competition may have killed off largest shark everThe ancient shark C. mega­lodon was in some cases over twice as long as the fict­ion­al “Jaws.”
Distant planet said to be half-meltedAs­tro­no­mers have ob­tained what they call the most de­tailed “fin­ger­print” of a rocky plan­et out­side our so­lar sys­tem to date.
Not “freaks”: doc charges colleagues with mistreating sex-change patientsA prom­i­nent U.K. doc­tor launched the broad­side in an edit­orial in a ma­jor med­i­cal jour­nal.
Blind people found to gesture like sighted ones when speakingFind­ings sug­gest ges­tur­al varia­t­ions don’t emerge from watch­ing oth­ers speak, but from learn­ing a lan­guage it­self.
The Moon’s spin axis shifted, scientists sayThe Man in the Moon might not have looked quite the same from Earth be­fore three bil­lion years ago.
Science-religion conflict may lie in our brainsThe con­flict be­tween sci­ence and re­li­gion may orig­i­nate in our brain struc­ture, re­search­ers have found.
Study questions much-hyped benefits of moderate drinkingCount­less news sto­ries have re­ported on re­search ty­ing mod­er­ate drink­ing to a range of health ben­e­fits.
Photo said to show possible embryonic planetNew images from a radio ob­ser­vatory ap­pear to show a clump of ma­te­ri­al cir­cling a young star.
Bizarre findings on Americans: Less religion but more afterlife beliefSome re­search­ers are citing a some­thing-for-noth­ing ment­ality to ex­plain the head-scratch­ing re­sults.
Hyenas said to join wolf packs in unusual allianceAn­i­mals of dif­fer­ent spe­cies some­times lean on each oth­er in times of ad­vers­ity—just as hu­mans do, ac­cord­ing to a new stu­dy.
Old stars might form second crop of planets, imaging study suggestsAs­tro­no­mers have snapped the sharpest pic­ture yet of a dusty disc around a close pair of old stars.
Study suggests why fasting diet may not work in humansStrict low-food diets may hurt the im­mune sys­tem, count­er­act­ing the life­span-boost­ing ef­fects they show in lab ani­mals, re­search sug­gests.
Being short or overweight linked to reduced life chancesBe­ing a short man or an over­weight woman may lead to low­er chances in ar­eas such as educa­t­ion and in­come, a study finds.
New evidence of language-like abilities in birdsSci­en­tists are re­port­ing new ev­i­dence that birds can com­mu­ni­cate by re-ar­rang­ing the same sounds in dif­fer­ent ways.
New signs that Zika virus may cause microcephalyRe­search­ers sus­pect they’ve found out how Zika probably causes mi­cro­ceph­a­ly, or ab­nor­mally small heads, in fe­tus­es.
Near-suicidal trips said to make dragonfly a champion long-distance flierOne species of little in­sect seems to keep out­posts that just about span the globe.
Huge volcanoes may have twisted whole Martian surfaceMars long ago swiveled around its own core by 20 to 25 de­grees, ac­cord­ing to a study.
Scientists propose: let’s search part of sky where aliens could have seen usA nar­row strip of the sky might be more prom­is­ing for E.T. searches, two re­search­ers say.
Go-slow cancer treatment might actually work better, study suggestsCan we learn to live with­—rather than kill—can­cer?
“Loneliest places” in cosmos may be less empty than thoughtNew re­search looks at cos­mic voids, vast tracts of the uni­verse thought to be al­most empty.
Warming may be raising seas faster than anytime in at least 2,800 yearsA new study estimates sea-lev­el changes over the past three mil­len­nia.
Pluto moon may have an ancient, frozen ocean, scientists sayNew im­ages are said to sug­gest that the moon Char­on once had a sub­sur­face ocean that has long since fro­zen and ex­pand­ed.
Strange galaxy found to have huge tail of gasA spectacular feature found with a bright spi­ral ga­laxy might turn out to cha­rac­ter­ize others as well, some predict.
New cancer predictor: aging too fast, scientists claimA new study al­so at­tempts to point the way to med­i­cal tests and lifestyle im­prove­ments that could mit­i­gate the prob­lem.
Ancient flowering plant was beautiful—and likely poisonous, scientists sayA newly id­en­tified spe­cies is at­tri­buted to a type that ul­ti­mately gave rise to some of the most fa­mous poi­sons.
Atmosphere of a “super-Earth” analyzed; possible poisons turn upScientists are try­ing to learn some gen­er­al char­ac­ter­is­tics of the big, rocky plan­ets thought to be com­mon through­out our ga­laxy.
Promising safety results for “lifespan-boosting” drugA drug used to treat organ trans­plant re­jec­tion has also drawn grow­ing int­er­est for its ef­fects on life­span in ani­mals.
Ripples in spacetime detected after long searchSci­en­tists say they have de­tected rip­ples in the fab­ric of space­time called gravita­t­ional waves, gen­er­at­ed by a col­li­sion of black holes.
That slime can see you—somewhatSome mi­crobes bas­ic­ally use their whole ti­ny, glob­u­lar bod­ies as eye­balls, ac­cord­ing to re­search.
Motorboat noise may literally scare fish to their deathsNoise can dou­ble the rate at which some fish be­come some­one else’s lunch under­wat­er, a study finds.
Photos of black boys young as 5 make whites think of guns: studyA study sug­gests peo­ple are more likely to mistake a toy for a gun af­ter see­ing a black face than a white face—even when that face be­longs to a five-year-old.
Head-on crash produced our moon, study saysA coll­ision between Earth and a plan­etary em­bryo called Theia was head-on, not glanc­ing, re­search con­cludes.
Study: protective gear may make people more recklessPar­ti­ci­pants in a stu­dy, unaware it was meas­ur­ing risk-tak­ing, played a com­put­er game more reck­lessly when hel­met­ed, re­search­ers said.
Astronomers report finding widest known solar system by farOne planet is so far from its host star that it will take almost a mil­lion Earth years to go all around the star, scient­ists say.
Schizophrenia tied to excess trimming of connections in brainNew re­search may shed light on the ori­gins of a de­vas­tat­ing men­tal ill­ness.
The aliens are silent because they died out, study saysLife on oth­er plan­ets would likely be brief and go ex­tinct quick­ly, some sci­en­tists argue.
“Solid evidence” of ninth planet claimedRe­search­ers say there’s an un­seen, gi­ant plan­et trac­ing a bi­zarre or­bit in the out­er so­lar sys­tem.
Review finds little evidence behind speed reading claimsA new re­port says the claims put forth by many speed read­ing pro­grams and tools are probably too good to be true.
Dinos may have made “love nests” to show offDi­no­saurs en­gaged in mat­ing be­hav­ior si­m­i­lar to mod­ern birds, ac­cord­ing to new re­search.
People prone to rage attacks found to have smaller “emotional brains”Da­ta con­firm the con­di­tion is a brain dis­or­der, scien­tists say.
Scientists plan to test whether plants can learn like Pavlov’s dogGerman researchers have re­ceived fund­ing for an un­con­vent­ion­al study.
Super-ape may have been doomed by changing landscape—and own sizeGi­gan­to­pi­the­cus, up to three times heav­ier than a large go­rilla, died out about 100,000 years ago.
Could star clusters nurture interstellar civilizations?Globular clusters—tightly packed bunches of very old stars—may be ide­al place to look for space­far­ing civ­il­iz­a­tions.
“Promising” findings for treatment of age-related muscle declineA “proof-of-concept” tri­al ex­am­ined a type of drug called a myo­statin an­ti­body.
Chatting may serve evolutionary need to bondFor some an­cestors of hu­mans, ex­change of vo­cal calls is pro­posed to have served as “groom­ing at a dis­tance.”
Doomed-to-fail products may appeal to one type of buyerSome peo­ple are so drawn to doomed prod­ucts that their buy­ing ac­ti­vity may be a bad sign, re­search­ers say.
“Networks” of intelligence-linked genes reported foundScientists want to learn whether the net­works have mas­ter switches that could be mani­pul­ated to boost brain­power.
Study: investors often deal with portfolio slumps by just looking awayAn “os­trich ef­fect” ap­plies even in an era of 24/7 ac­cess to fi­nan­cial da­ta, re­search­ers say.
Parrots seen using pebble-tools in new wayCap­tive par­rots were filmed us­ing peb­bles or date pits to grind cal­ci­um pow­der from sea­shells.
Whether genes affect intelligence may depend on class, countryPast re­search sug­gests that both genes and en­vi­ron­ment shape in­tel­li­gence.
Dinos arose quickly from predecessors, study findsDi­no­saurs may have evolved from their small­er pre­de­ces­sors much faster than was pre­vi­ously thought.
Happiness level found to have no direct effect on mortalityResults of a study of a mil­lion U.K. wom­en chal­lenge a wide­spread be­lief.
LSD found to act by reorganizing brain networksIt hasn’t been clear what causes the drug’s pro­found ef­fects on con­scious­ness.
Strange, early ecosystems found more complex than once thoughtSci­en­tists have used sim­ula­t­ions to work out how a 555-mil­lion-year-old crea­ture, with no known mod­ern rel­a­tives, ate.
No definite structural difference between male, female brains, study saysMost brains are “mo­saics” of fea­tures, some of which are more common in one sex or the other, re­search­ers say. 
Scientists accidentally extend young adulthood in worms using drugThe investi­ga­tors plan to test the ef­fect in mice next.
Disintegrating Martian moon could become a ringThe de­mise of Pho­bos is ex­pected to oc­cur in 20 mil­lion to 40 mil­lion years.
Asteroid mining could begin within a few decades, scientists claimResearchers have developed a sen­sor to sniff out val­u­a­ble ma­te­ri­als from aster­oids and other space ob­jects.
Fossil forest may shed light on the first big treesA pecu­liar, thick­ly packed for­est adds to evi­dence that even the earl­iest trees were re­mark­ably diverse.
Children from different cultures may react differently to unfairnessOnly in a few count­ries do young child­ren reject deals for being un­fair to oth­ers, a stu­dy found.
Radiation is slamming the “most Earth-like planet,” scientists sayRadia­t­ion may be pre­vent­ing life on a plan­et con­sid­ered the most Earth-like known out­side our so­lar sys­tem.
Which country’s people are most honest? It may depend on the testA study yielded two rank­ings, both quite differ­ent, but both with the U.K. near the top and Chi­na near the bot­tom.
Martian moon said to be slowly falling apartGrooves lin­ing Pho­bos may be early signs of struc­tur­al fail­ure.
“Pandemonium” seen in Pluto’s moon systemOne moon is spin­ning so fast that things are close to fly­ing off its sur­face, sci­ent­ists say. 
Scientists could aid in new discovery by betting, study suggestsLarge num­bers of scient­ists could en­gage in “pred­ic­tion mar­kets” to help iden­tify er­rors in new re­search.
Sleepwalkers feel no pain even when badly injured, study findsOne pa­tient slept through jump­ing out of a third-floor win­dow and tak­ing se­vere frac­tures, scien­tists said. 
T. rex may have been a cannibalA ty­ran­no­saur bone has re­vealed a nas­ty lit­tle 66-million-year-old family se­cret, sci­en­tists claim.
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